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Annual Wellness Exams

Of all the things we do here at Vernon Hills Animal Hospital, giving your pet a thorough physical exam every year is probably the most important. Sometimes it's easy to forget that a dog or cat ages approximately seven years to our one. That means that a pet that looked perfect last year may have dental disease and a heart murmur this year. By catching problems in the early stages, we can help your pet avoid serious health problems later.

Also, dogs and cats can have painful conditions of which the owner isn't even aware. Severe dental disease, infected ears, and arthritis--problems that many owners may not know exist--are things we commonly diagnose during routine physical exams. They can make your pet miserable, and affect his quality of life. Once discovered, most of these problems are fairly easy to solve or control.

Heartworm tests and heartworm preventive are a necessary part of every annual visit. Besides dogs, cats need to be put on heartworm preventive. Dogs and cats that go outdoors also need a stool sample checked. Fecal exams will uncover parasitic infections, which can cause loose stools, loss of appetite, and can theoretically infect us.

We will also talk to you about flea and tick control, and we can customize a preventive program for your pet to help avoid the misery (for your dog or cat and you) of a flea or tick infestation.

We know you don't want to neglect your pet's good health. If he or she hasn't been examined within the past year, call today for an appointment.