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Dentistry (Prophy) Before and After  


Before Dentistry

After dentistry.  The teeth were curetted under the gumline to remove tartar, then ultrasonically cleaned and polished.

What Can Dentistry Do For Your Pet?

Check out these images of an actual case.  The left image shows before treatment, with significant tartar and calculus buildup on the biggest teeth.  Most pets over the age of 5 look just like this or even worse.  The right image was taken 25 minutes later, after ultrasonic scaling, curetting any pockets under the gums, and polishiing the teeth with prophy paste.  There is an instant, dramatic improvement in appearance, gum health, and fresh breath!

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A Busy Day at the Dentist 

The following three dogs all had their teeth professionally cleaned at Vernon HIlls Animal Hospital on the same day.  This is a typical example of the types of dental cases we see.  Here are the before and after images that we sent home with their owners. 

This dog was missing its lower canine tooth on this side.  The teeth cleaned up well but there is significant gingivitis that required antibiotics to cure.

Note the puffy red gums, which is a result of plaque and tartar formation.

After cleaning the teeth look great, but it will take awhile for the gum inflammation to subside.

This dog's teeth cleaned up well but there are permanent silver stains on the canine teeth from chewing on metal that do not come off even with professional cleaning.

Again, lots of tartar and gum inflammation.

This dog's people must make an effort to do some home care.  This will help the gums heal and prolong the time between dental procedures.

This dog had advanced gingivitis and periodontal disease with a number of abscessed teeth.  The poor guy needed 12 extractions.  Early dental care might have prevented this, but he will feel better once the rotten teeth are out and the gums heal.

Don't wait to see this before you get your pet's teeth cleaned!

Or you end up with this.  But good home care will make a big difference for this dog.