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Dr. Molly McCullough

I've wanted to be a veterinarian as long as I can remember.  Like many veterinarians that I've met through the years, I spent my childhood rescuing wild animals which were trapped in our window wells or injured.  I remember rescuing a toad which was trapped and had lost a leg, and nursing him back to health.  When he reappeared the following spring, healthy and robust, I knew that I had found my calling fixing up critters.

We always had a dog when I was growing up, and I remember that I was usually the one who brushed him, bathed him, and trimmed his nails.  However my parents were never cat lovers, so I grew up catless.  It wasn't until I owned one in veterinary school that I became enamored of them.  I now live with two Cornish Rex cats named "Hogan" and "Cam".  Their antics amuse me every day.

I meet many people who can't wait to retire, or who hate going to work.  I don't feel that way, so I'm really lucky to have found a profession that I love.  Yes, there are days which are very challenging.  But on those days, when I go into the exam room and my next patient is a dog I've seen for 13 years who looks at me with cloudy eyes and a a wagging tail, it reinforces the reasons why I chose veterinary medicine in the first place:  my love of dogs and cats.  I also love that it's a constantly changing field, and I get to learn new things every day.  Besides journals, webinars, and conferences, I learn a lot from my pet-owning clients! 

Dr. Molly McCullough and the fabulous Cammie!



Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Iowa State University, 1977 

Areas of Interest

Acupuncture, dentistry, laser surgery, cold laser therapy, internal medicine 

Personal Interests

Biking, reading, working out, golf 



Recently Attended Continuing Education

American Veterinary Medical Association Annual Convention:  A variety of topics including: Liver disease in dogs, Pancreatitis in cats, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Antibiotics, Senior Diets, Veterinary rehabilitation, Healthy longevity


Chicago Veterinary Medical Association
American Veterinary Medical Association
American Animal Hospital Association
Illinois Veterinary Medical Association