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In Memoriam

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Memorial for Hannah Wood

IzzieWe got Izzie when she was only 10 weeks old from LEARN (Labrador Education and Rescue Network), a wonderful organization dedicated to saving unwanted labs and placing them in loving homes. They are all volunteers and cover southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. They exist entirely on donations and are incredible. We highly recommend this organization if you are looking for a lab.

Izzie was our family dog. Our four children loved her tremendously but she also became a companion dog to me to help with my MS. Within a few months of getting Isabelle, we realized she could also detect my Epileptic seizures as well - really a special dog. We had one instance when she laid across my lap as the paramedics entered the house. She was not mean or growling towards them, just protecting me. When our 16 y/o daughter moved her, she started barking, just to let everyone know she was in charge. 

Izzie had to be in the room everyone was in and loved her rawhide, elk horns and tennis balls. When someone entered our house, she would get her blanket and wrap it around their ankles, something we could never break her of! But, everyone knew she would do it and they were great about it. Isabelle could tell when you opened the peanut butter jar (and yes, after we got done spreading it on the bread we allowed her to lick to the spreader). She loved to gnaw on a frozen treats, especially the kind you put things in. She was extremely intelligent and never lost any of her puppy charm, constantly wagging her tail.   
She was only 7 when we noticed an ulcerated tumor on her leg. Dr. Cheung (who is one of the most wonderful vets we've ever encountered) removed it but unfortunately we got the diagnosis of Mast Cell Carcinoma, an aggressive form of cancer. Unfortunately for us, Izzie's cancer spread quickly. Within eight months, the tumors were all over her. Dr. Chung recommended we see an oncologist who found it had metastasized on her spleen. We only had one week following that diagnosis with Izzie. Very quickly she could not lay down and we had to grind her food. We knew the humane thing to do was to put her down but it still was the most excruciating and painful decision we've ever made. She never stopped wagging her tail.

Izzie was a sweet dog who wanted to be friends to everyone and thought everyone wanted to be her friend. She is missed tremendously and has left an emptiness in our house. We knew when one of our cars was approaching the house (even from a block away) because Izzie would sit up and stare at the door. 

We thank all the vets at VHAH for their kindness and loving nature towards all of our pets. You are the only facility we recommend and thank you (specially Dr. Cheung) all for everything you did for Izzie.

The Wedell Family

Libertyville, IL