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In Memoriam

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In Memory of "Sneakers" Patner

We cannot thank you enough for all of the care and compassion that you provided when the time came for us to make the hard decision to send Sneakers off to be with his sister Rebel.

Sneakers was a brilliant and handsome cat. Not only was he blessed with great teeth (ask Dr. McCullough) and beautiful eyes, he also had the temperament of an understanding and gentle soul. He was aptly named not after the gym shoe but because he was very sneaky. When he was just a kitten, he would often chew on a shoelace while the shoe was still on a foot. You never knew it until it was too late. He also had a knack for sneaking off and hiding in the most obscure spots. A favorite was the clean towel closet.

In the summertime when he was not basking in the sunshine, he liked to take walks through our rose garden (see photo) or on the sidewalk, around the neighborhood, unleashed. Of course one of us would attend to him on his little journeys. He never chased after squirrels, birds or ate insects; but he did enjoy a nibble or two on a blade of grass.

Our family pets have been patients for over 30 years. In that time the VHAH team has supported our pets and helped them lead very long and satisfying lives. It is when the end is getting nearer that makes the support all the more important and difficult. In our opinion, the VHAH team are rock stars in what you do each and every day.

It is going to take us a while to get over our loss. Should we decide to venture back into being pet owners you can bet that the VHAH will be our next stop.

Our sincerest gratitude,

Vicki and Howard Patner

February 13, 2019